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Meet Don

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Thanks to Beverly Hills Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Implants, Don’s quality of life has improved after he life-changing surgery.

Don ext jaw reconstruction testimonial desktop
Don ext jaw reconstruction testimonial desktop

Don's Story

"Hi, I'm Don from Hollywood. I came to see Dr. Aynechi for a extraction and an implant. The staff is wonderful. Dr. Aynechi, he's very personable. He's a great doctor. He makes you feel very comfortable. He cares. The procedure went well. I'm looking forward to—when I get those implants in—is eating a juicy steak, being able to chew. My quality of life will be very much improved. I'll be—I'll feel more confident. My experience here with Dr. Aynechi is very positive. I would highly recommend this practice to anybody."

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