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Dr. Moris Aynechi and his colleagues at Beverly Hills Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Institute specialize in the removal of wisdom teeth, general tooth extraction, and many other dental procedures. The doctor is a Board-Certified Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon with many years of experience in both dental and medical fields of practice.

Wisdom Teeth Q&A

When Do Wisdom Teeth First Appear?

Wisdom teeth normally begin to appear when people are entering their 20's. Everyone is different, however. Some may begin to notice them when they are in their late teens and others may not have them until they are close to their 30's. Wisdom teeth usually start erupting long after all of a person's permanent teeth are already in place. The wisdom teeth are often larger than the other molars and may tend to cause crowding, which pushes other teeth out of alignment. This can lead to intense pain, broken or cracked teeth, and the inability to close the mouth properly.

What Causes an Abscess?

Abscesses are a type of infection that can eventually lead to tooth loss and damage to the gum tissue if not taken care of immediately. An abscess occurs when the tissue covering an erupting tooth becomes infected or food becomes trapped between the teeth. Food that is trapped draws bacteria that can eventually attack the sensitive gum tissue. The lesion that forms can easily become infected and cause teeth to become loose. Abscesses involving the wisdom teeth are often the result of the sharp edges of the tooth cutting into the gums and causing an infection that eventually spreads to the area around the tooth.

How Are These Problems Corrected?

Because wisdom teeth are located at the very back of the mouth, removing them will not cause a noticeable difference in a person's facial appearance. They will, however, push the teeth in front of them out of alignment, causing bite and jaw abnormalities. To correct these problems as well as the possible abscesses that may occur as a result, removing the wisdom teeth is often the most common choice. If the teeth have already erupted, they may be able to be pulled without much difficulty. If they are not visible or have become impacted, surgical removal may be required.

Stem Cells

Stem cells have the ability to change into different types of cells and aid in the healing of damaged tissue. These are just a couple reasons why we are excited about the growing role of stem cells in fighting diseases and injuries and why we are a provider of store-a-tooth (http://www.store-a-tooth.com/index#.WFlzkrYrJZU). There are several reasons why families choose to store stem cells. Their family may have a certain history or risk factors that lead them to consider all of the potential options available to them. Others see the field of stem cell research growing in popularity and don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to preserve their children’s stem cells now. Due to the few opportunities available to smoothly,safely, and economically collect and harvest stem cells, most of our clients want to be prepared if their children ever need them in the future.