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Meet Dr. Kederian

Video Review

Dr. Kederian trusts Dr. Aynechi to take care of her patients and will continue to refer to our practice.

Doctor kederian referring testimonial desktop
Doctor kederian referring testimonial desktop

Dr. Kederian's Story

"I have known Dr. Aynechi for over 15 years. When patients come back from seeing Dr. Aynechi, I get an overwhelming response of how kind he was and how attentive to details. He cares about making sure that when they go through a procedure that they're going to have a good outcome. There is no one else that I refer my friends and family to other than Dr. Aynechi. I will continue to refer my patients to Beverly Hills Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery because I know that each one of them that goes to see Dr. Aynechi will be so thrilled and so happy with the outcome that they get."

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